Printable Freelance Content/Technical Writer Invoice Format in MS Word

Freelance Writer:

A freelance writer is a person who sells his or her skill set by providing services to their clients at home. Freelance writing has become one of the most convenient and the most comprehensive tool for both client and skill provider. People hire a top-quality writer to get all the tasks done by them and maintain data quality as well as quantity. Freelancing has become very successful in today’s world where people have shortened distances with technological advancements.


There are the following benefits of freelancers;

  • They have got the freedom to work what they love and when do they want to work.
  • Freelancing is the easiest way to get the assignment or the task of your own choice done without any hindrance and time boundaries and get paid for it.
  • They save traveling costs which they have to make to go to the office or any workplace.
  • Freelance writers absorb specific projects only where they can work and earn even more than a full-time job-going person with the right selection of work relating to their capabilities and skills.
  • People who can’t sit for a desktop job it is perfectly described and feasible job for them to work in the type of environment they want to work in at their home place.


There is a proper bidding process involved in the hiring of a freelancer. The complete procedure involves creating a profile on social media mentioning all the skill sets to make it visible for the clients so that they would know what sort of person they are going to hire to get the work done. Once the profile is created, they mention bearing the cost of the project. It can vary and depends on the assignment and project criticality how much they ask for to do the assignment.

Freelance Writer Invoice:

Freelancer invoice consists of the following portions;

  • On the top of the invoice there comes details of the freelancer.
  • Details of the person who one would be billed to.
  • Invoice number & Date of issuance.
  • Description of work and per unit cost.
  • Per hour rate is mentioned.
  • Amount of the project is mentioned separately.
  • Subtotal amount of the invoice inclusive of taxes.

This template is created in Microsoft Word in a black, gray, and white color scheme to make it more printer-friendly.