Free Blank Donation Receipt/Invoice Template for Microsoft Word


A donation is something that you offer to the needy person/ institute directly or indirectly. A donation is made for the places where people are suffering from the shortage of food, clothes, and all the necessities of life, and well-off people and some reputable institutes make donations for them.


The purpose of the donation is to keep equilibrium in monetary of the country and social class around. So that no one around is left behind in the world of folks where people are socially responsible for their surroundings and all the acts they do for them. Donations keep hearts alive to care for each other in need and look for each other’s thick and thin.

Donation Hubs: 

In every society of each country, people have few dedicated areas where people can go and make donations in the form of currency, food, clothes, and all the necessary items which are basic and the most important aspects of living. There are few institutes that take donations and then contribute to the needy, orphan, or disabled children/ people in the surrounding. There are registered institutes for the certain responsibility they own for these people.

There are certain NGOs, non-profit organizations that are working dedicatedly for the cause. In upper-class society there exist few individuals who do not like to mention their names for the good cause and do contributions.

Who to Reach:

We can make donations via different methods. Following are a few of them;

  • Via Cheques drafted in the name of the specific institute. (They provide their registered account details publicly.
  • Via personal visit to the donation centers.
  • Via contacting NGO’s.
  • Via passionate group of people who work independently for the cause of self-efforts.
  • Via schools/ Colleges/ Institutes who have their indoor societies for the cause. o Via providing contributions for the non-profit organizations

Donation invoice: 

Donation invoice consists of the following content;

  • Date and invoice number.
  • Name of Person / Institute who has made donations.
  • For whom donation has been made (Name of the institute)
  • Details of the recipient. Name, City, Contact number etc.
  • Donation detail and breakdown of items (currency, food, clothes etc)
  • Type of donation.
  • Value

Preview of this Donation Receipt/Invoice