Sales Invoice for Small and Large Businesses

There are currently many software’s and business tools that can help your routine invoicing tasks in an excellent way.  Most of these tools are expensive which can put too much pressure on your purse. To help growing businesses effectively, Microsoft Excel brings a wonderful tool in the form of creating a business sales invoice template. Through this impressive template design, people who are planning to expand their business activities can witness some highly impressive results in their day to day work activities.

The business sales invoice template is one of the most sought after template designs available today. It enables both small and large business operators to organize their invoices in a most commendable way. It is a great solution to all their invoicing needs.

This sales invoice spreadsheet can help you arrange and evaluate several invoice related tasks of a business such as keeping track off the purchase orders, maintaining price quotes for a particular order, organizing the packaging slips for smooth transactions and creating delivery notes for business activities.

The template itself is bundled with lots of creative features through which you can customize your own invoice designs. There are many other tasks which can be managed using this template such as storing shipping info, multiple shipping addresses, creating sections for the product codes and special notes, writing instructions for various tasks and much more.

The template can be easily downloaded from the link below. Just enter the details of your business activity and let the spreadsheet update all the work automatically.

Below is a screen shot of this template to view before you decide to download and use this invoice.


Download Invoice template for small and large businesses