Free Editable DJ Invoice Template in MS Word


DJ is a person who plays recorded music, creates rhythms on them, and entertains his audience on events and various occasions. Most of the DJs work on radios and they can be hired on contracts for the events and the parties as well.

Why DJ: 

People hire a DJ for the following purposes;

  • To create an ambiance in the events.
  • To keep the audience engaged and entertained to keep refraining them from getting bored.
  • DJ keeps the environment lighter and alive at parties and events.
  • They carry a vast range of audiences by providing their services in a number of schools, colleges, and universities of all the nearby areas wherever they are required so they build a strong network in the society with the close bonding in the surrounding.

Job Responsibilities:

  • DJ job seems so attractive, but it is a very challenging and on-the-go job where an object must be active, fresh, and present-minded all the time.
  • He should be the one to whom people look upon all the time to get entertained and refreshed.
  • They must converse with people so should be possessing good communication skills either over the phone or live to the audience.
  • DJ career is very demanding as well as tough to maintain the repute to keep the audience count alive and active for the existing audience.
  • DJ should have profound and diverse work experience as a disc jockey at renowned places.

DJ In Demand: 

Now a day’s people hire DJs at the most expensive rates to entertain their audience and they consider reliable DJs only for their personal events who have a good reputation in the market as it has become the business in today’s era.

DJ Invoice: 

Invoice of a DJ contains the following content and details;

  • In invoice, there would be a registered DJ company name.
  • Date and invoice number.
  • Customer / Client Information. (Date, city, contact number)
  • Description of event.
  • Details of number & time of the event.
  • Venue and date of the event.
  • Per event cost and DJ charges in it.
  • Additional charges (If any)
  • Subtotal amount.

Below is a preview and download link of this DJ Invoice template.