Useful Work Estimate Invoice with Tax Calculations

The Work Estimate Invoice is an invoice that you can send to your customer prior to start work on any project. This helps your customer to have an idea about the cost of a project. Your customer has a complete figure of the project in view and can manage the money accordingly. This can avoid any inconvenience that may come to place while billing the client at the end of a project.

This Work Estimate Invoice has been created using Microsoft Excel 2007 with all the calculation formulas in place. The individual item price, service price, and sales tax are calculated automatically. For services, you can add the number of hours for a service and its per hour rate, this template automatically calculates the total amount to be billed.

Below are few things that you must need to be altered with your specific information prior to use this Work Estimate Template

  • Complete Service Provide details along with First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Fax, Phone and Email address
  • Complete Customer details along with all the things mentioned above for service provider.
  • Project Description ( Keep this detailed and descriptive)
  • Service Details along with per hour rate and number of hours to be spent.
  • Sales Tax Rate
  • At the end of invoice, add any specific notes if there is any.

Have a look at the preview of this Useful Work Estimate Invoice Template along with the download link below.


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