General Labor Service and Material Invoice Template in MS Word

General Labor:

General Labor is the kind of job where people work with different domains practically working on the physical jobs e.g. construction, manufacturing, landscaping or even it includes cleaning. This job consists of the type of people who work on daily wages or on contract to complete given tasks.


There are numerous pros and cons of working in such work life. Initially, we will talk about the benefits of this life;

Better LifeStyle:

People working as general labor would be the people if they are physically fit they would do their job three times better than anyone else and would result into the reasonable living and would be able to survive in today’s world and provide their family a better future.

Healthy you Happy you:

Such jobs help in maintaining one’s health as well as prevent them from engaging in unhealthy activities which could damage their health later. It keeps away obesity as well.

Builds Character:

When one goes home after such hard work and hard tasks one feels good about himself that they have earned it with such great effort it increases confidence as well. It helps sleep disorders as well and helps to maintain work-life balance as well by keeping all the routines aligned and well managed.

Improves Coordination:

There are so many manual labor jobs that require hand- coordination. In this coordination, they spend time with one another for more than 40 hours in the day. It helps in preventing clashes among each other and unites them together. It gives lifetime learning about being coordinative and supportive for each other.

Job Satisfaction:

In general labor when you have direct contact with the work and it is directly involved as per your work effort. The more you work more reward you get on the spot and it increases internal self-esteem and one feels satisfied and happy the way they work.

General Labor Invoice:

This invoice is created using MS Word and it includes the following details;

  • Invoice number, date and customer ID.
  • Company name and address.
  • Customer Name and details who would they bill to.
  • In the drop-down box under the head of labor there comes job number & job description.
  • Detail of job nature including the number of jobs with the break-down of working hours.
  • Per job price.
  • Total amount inclusive of taxes.
  • Tax rate & grand total.
  • Instructions for the payment procedures are mentioned at the extreme left of the page.

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