5+ Painting and Art Work Invoice Templates with Professional Layouts


Painting is an art that is converted on a solid surface with paint and colors. This art is of equal importance in the modern world for the visual description of the expression of an artist. For the paint, the main equipment to use is the brush and the colors. Painting is a mode of creative expression and it can be done in numerous forms e.g. canvas, drawing, and gestures.

Idea Generation:

Painting has played an important role in history as well to mention, explain, and dominate spiritual motifs and ideas. There are numerous painting ranges, for example, mythological figures on the pottery. Biblical scenes and Buddha are also examples of these kinds of paintings. The idea of painting was generated from there when people explained their love, sorrows, and all the concerned expressions via painting in the form of a figure or some abstracts.

Painting – Transforming thoughts:

Painting transforms ideas into expressions that can later be displayed or predicted by the people coming later in the era and watching those paintings. Some so many artists came and went by, they had this habit of predicting the future or depicting the past via their paintings. It transforms thoughts, ideas, and spiritual minds into a piece of brush with art. In artwork, painting explains both the meanings, thoughts, and results of actions.

Support of Surface:

Major support of surface for painting are;

  • Canvas, Wood, Vas, glass, clay, leaf, copper, Lacquer, wall, paper.
  • Sand, Clay, Paper, Plaster.

Painting Invoice:

This Painting invoice template consists of the following content;

  • Invoice number and date.
  • Details of the Painting service company.
  • Details of customer e.g. name and contact number.
  • In the drop down there are details of the quantity of work. For a painter, he would always sell his work to the people who appreciate the work and look for it.
  • A description of the work is mentioned in the middle of the receipt.
  • In the extreme right corner, the price of the product is mentioned.
  • In the end, the subtotal is mentioned inclusive of taxes.
  • Total depicts the total amount on which people purchase the object.

Preview Image

01. Standard Painting and Art Work Invoice


02. Gallery Sales Invoice

03. Art Restoration Invoice

04. Art Show Participation Invoice

05. Commissioned Artwork Invoice