Customizable Daycare Service Invoice Format for MS Word


Daycares are considered as the safe place for children to give them a homey feeling when parents are not around them and care engaged in their offices/ any important activities where they have nobody to take care of their kids after them. This service has made life easier especially for working women and the people who do not have their grandparents to look for the kid in the absence of mother and father.

The significance of Day Care: 

This service is quite effective for working parents who do not want to compromise on the grooming and health of their kids. In good daycare, there is a certified staff who takes care of every child as per their age and provides food and all essential nutrients as per body requirement and facilitates the purpose for all kids under the strict supervision of daycare runners.

Points to ponder: 

Good daycares keep the following points in mind while providing services to any customer for their child;

  • There should be proper hygiene in the premises so that customer can make sure their kids are being taken care of in the neat and clean environment.
  • They make sure to provide complete transparency to the customers to keep them satisfied and relaxed at their work/ business places. E.g. they provide complete access to monitoring their kids and staff’s activities via monitoring camera software implemented in parents’ mobile phones or laptops.
  • Parents can visit their kids whenever they feel like watching over them. It gives the sense of ownership daycare possesses in taking care of their kids.
  • Parents should never go the big names only. Do the clean and deep research on the daycares and then move your kids.

Choosing a Day Care: 

Choosing a daycare is one of the most critical decisions of parents. Because it can impose a direct impact on the grooming of the child which is why parents put an extra effort while choosing a daycare.

Day Care Invoice: 

Following is the breakdown of the daycare invoice;

  • Date and Invoice number.
  • Name and details of the customer.
  • Name of details of the daycare.
  • Details of dependent/ child.
  • Age of a child, Time in, Time Out.
  • Name and details of the person who picks up and drops by.
  • Total discount (in case of kinship)
  • Grand total including sales tax.

This Daycare invoice template (as shown in the screenshot below) is created using MS Word and thus can be easily edited in any way you want.