Sample Credit Memorandum/Memo Invoice Template in MS Excel

What is a Credit Memo?

Credit notes are generally referred to as commercial documents which are issued by the sellers to buyers. This type of invoice lists down various components such as the products, their quantity, prices agreed on products, and many other key details of the business. It can be given for various reasons such as for damaged goods, determining errors, or keeping track of the allowances.

In relation to the earlier issued invoice, a credit memo invoice usually decreases the amount of money that the buyer is liable to pay. To make it clearer, this invoice will reduce the amounts which are shown as receivables in the invoice template.

This Template

The credit memo invoice template is a highly reliable tool for businesses. It pretty much works on the lines of a sales invoice. The only difference is that in a credit note you insert a negative quantity or negative price in order to make the total balance negative. Moreover, if the total becomes less than zero, then the invoice manager takes it as a credit memo and adds the total due amount with the credit field of customer accounts.

This invoice template is used when the amount which is to be received by the customer is reduced. It stores all the crucial information related to the payment details of business activity. It works opposite to a debit invoice which is usually applied when a person wants to return back the damaged goods to the owner.

Preview & Download

This template is designed using Microsoft Excel with an elegant layout and colors along with all the techniques that make it easy to use. Find below a screenshot to see an internal view of this template.