5+ Professional MS Word Photography Invoice Templates for Your Business

Photography is the art of taking pictures and creating memories out of them. It is a combination of science and art where a durable image is created with the help of light and duplicate images by recording light or any electromagnetic radiation.

It is a skill, a job of producing photographs and creating memories through it. People click the photographs to remember that moment and recall it later in the coming time to cherish those moments.


Photography is also known as picture language. It is the modern version of the oldest form of communication in graphical representation. The main purpose of this art is to remember events or incidents. There are the following purposes which a photographer extracts out of taking pictures;

  • Extracting information – We can extract information by taking photographs and keeping track of things.
  • Discovery of new objects – Photography can be of different types and it explores a new world and a new era for the eyes to capture.
  • Recording – Catalogue pictures and microfilming of documents is the simplest and cheapest version to cater to photography as one of the essential and useful techniques of graphical representation.
  • Entertainment – It provides unlimited entertainment in the form of motion pictures, amateur photography, and photography to capture nature.
  • Self-Expressions – People take pictures for self-expression and to retrieve old memories and then memorize them later.

Who to Choose:

Several photographers in the market claim to deliver the best services countrywide but for certain events or celebrations, it is mandatory to choose the right person who can deliver excellence and better productivity and can extract the best of the best in any event. They memorize it well and transfer the vision into the advanced form of graphical expression. This is the reason people choose cream for their photographic representation.

Photography Invoice:

Photographers provide invoices to the customers in the following context;

  • Date and Invoice number.
  • Customer Details (Name, Contact Number & Address)
  • Details of the event/ venue of the photography.
  • Set date for the photography.
  • Down below in the description box, details of the photographers, and unit prices as per the requirement.
  • Total price inclusive of taxes.
  • Subtotal.

Photographer signatures and client signatures.

01. Standard Photography Invoice

02. Wedding Photography Invoice:

03. Event Photography Invoice:

04. Portrait Photography Invoice:

05. Commercial Photography Invoice: