Sample Invoice Template for Construction Company/Contractor in MS Excel

Construction invoices are used in construction businesses where you have to mention details such as the purchase or sale of construction supplies in the form of cement, sand, iron, steel supplies, bricks, pipes, wirings, etc. It helps in keeping track of the business activities and it is only after the completion of the first invoice, can proprietors move forward with their next phase effectively.

There are many advantages of having a proper construction invoice. For starters, it tells you about the condition of the buildings which are being constructed and second and the most important thing is how the present work is being carried out.

FreeOnlineInvoice now brings the new and refined construction invoice template for construction business owners to provide some of the best results in their day-to-day work activities. Through this effective template, you can now keep an account of your contractors, materials procured, day-to-day tasks, supplies, and many other important work details effectively.

This construction invoice template created using MS Excel is an excellent tool for both small and large businesses. It not only maintains accounts of your supplies but also stores your payment details such as amount receivable, payable, and other similar details.

Other important details include the number of goods (quantity) which have been ordered, goods which are required to supply, rate of goods which are being used in work or are being supplied to outside vendors, wages of employees on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and many other useful data for business owners.

Have a look at the screenshot of this template below along with the download link