Download Professional Catering Invoice Template in MS Word

Catering Service: 

Catering is considered as the most demanding business now a day because of the people changing trend of indoor events at home, they prefer their events, parties and any gathering gets organized and handled by a group of professionals who take care of all the arrangements for the event. Catering service has become a very revenue-generating business in the market because of everyday ongoing parties at home and official dinners. Catering is a successful business in almost every continent especially in Asia and most particularly in South Asia where these events are dealt with as a matter of status among folks.

The significance of Catering Service: 

Following is the significance of availing catering service for any upcoming mega-gatherings;

  • It reduces the risk of any mismanagement in the event which could occur due to a lack of experience in handling a larger amount of people.
  • Good catering services provide all the services keeping in mind the given budget by the host party and manage everything accordingly.
  • Services can also be customized by the client as per their requirement. There are few parties who take the catering package only which includes outline and décor only while there are some of the parties who ask for the whole service including décor, music, catering, food, and all the maintenance.
  • It reduces the risk of security issues in the surrounding as good catering services provide complete security for all the attendants as well which keeps hosts relax and let them enjoy the event by keeping calm.
  • It prevents all the unexpected mishaps which could occur while arranging an event personally by a party. For example, the catering service keeps the backup of generators in case it lights turn out and all the supplies in case of shortage of food, maintenance staff is there to facilitate at every step for the guests to honor them. These few things have made this business more demanding in town.

Catering – Fine solution to the problems: 

It solves problems for both types of people, for those who want to avail the services at home and for those also who prefer outdoor. There are few people who do order the food and avail themselves of the services by staying at home as well. It serves the purpose for all.

Catering Service Invoice: 

This invoice contains the following content in the template;

  • Date and invoice number.
  • Name and Contact details of the customer.
  • Name of Details of catering services.
  • The number of guests.
  • Venue and arrangement details (for outdoor)
  • Date & time of the event (for outdoor)
  • Per person/per service charges.
  • Delivery location, delivery time and delivery person detail (for indoor)
  • Details of the person who placed the order.
  • Service charges Summary;
    • Food
    • Beverages
    • Labor
    • Other Misc.

You can download a ready-to-use Catering Invoice template based on all the mentioned criteria by clicking the link below. A preview image is also available.