Free MS Word Carpet Cleaning Service Invoice Format

Carpet Cleaning: 

Carpet cleaning is the most common and mandatory action which takes place among almost more than 60% of the population who have placed and fixed carpets and rugs in their residential areas and offices. There are a number of carpet cleaning chains located in the approachable ranges in every street and allocated at various locations in society that are just a call away to provide the services at your doorstep.

Who to Choose? 

If we look around we find numerous fancy advertisements claiming their services as one of the best services in town. If we dig down into the analysis we would find out bigger cleaning units would have fancy ways of attracting customers to look for their services. e.g. via television advertisements, billboards, mobile advertisements to name a few which ultimately enhance the cost that they have to generate by providing services at bit higher prices.

On the other hand, if we look for the small cleaning units with lesser advertisements and a bit cheaper rates their workforce work on a commission basis they would charge 20 – 25% commission on every service per home. They work with zeal and zest so that they would be called upon by the same client next time in the year as well.

Tips & Tricks: 

We need to cater few important tips before implementing a carpet cleaning service. Following are some of the important techniques to wipe away all the unnecessary items creating a hindrance for the cleaning team are:


Reputable carpet cleaning services use Hoses and cords for deep cleaning of the area which means even tiny objects could cause problems in the cleaning and movement of the cleaning machine on the surface so for proactive results clear the surface from the objects used on daily basis.

Remove Light Furniture: 

To avoid wastage of time in a single apartment remove all the lighter furniture before time and remove heavy objects afterward which can cause immediate productivity in the cleaning process.

Carpet Cleaning Invoice: 

The carpet cleaning invoice includes the following information and details;

  • Date and Invoice Number.
  • Details of service provider name and contact number.
  • Details of customer location and contact number.
  • Description of cleaning area.
  • Sales Person’s detail, payment term and due date.
  • Per unit price.
  • Grand total inclusive of sales tax.

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