Free House Cleaning Service Invoice Format for MS Word

House Cleaning Service:

House cleaning service is a service availed almost by every other household for house cleaning and maintenance on daily basis. House is an entity that needs to be monetarized and treated as the basic living purpose place for everyone. House cleaning service includes the following cleaning options in the surrounding;

  • Maid Service.
  • Apartment Cleaning.
  • Janitorial Service.
  • House-related item cleaning.

Who to Consider:

There are so many people roaming in the market claiming for their good services but what matters is the quality of their services. We prefer a reliable and trustworthy person to call him/her up to provide the services in the household. Because they have to spend time on the premises so there are higher chances of fraudulent activities by victimizing the house members.

These cleaning tasks include the following tasks;

  • General Cleaning.
  • Specific Cleaning.

General Cleaning:

General Cleaning includes generic cleaning tasks for a place where someone gets hired for the sake of cleaning the entire place including all the dust remover activities.

Specific Cleaning:

  • Kitchen/Oven Cleaning –There are companies who are dedicated to the kitchen cleaning services they would provide all the necessary services regarding Kitchen cabinets, Oven and grills and another pantry cleaning. They also clean the house in terms to avoid insects from entering the kitchen. Maids are dedicated for the purpose they take care of the whole household for a particular period and get charged on monthly basis.
  • Living Room cleaning – This cleaning includes the number of rooms and all the main entrance area to avoid insect, dust and stink from staying on the premises for long.
  • Lime Scale Removal – There is a team which gets hired for the removal of limescale.
  • Stain Remover – Stain remover team comes with a specialized skill to work in a way which removes every single article on the couch and living space.

House Cleaning Service Invoice:

House cleaning service invoice includes the following content;

  • Invoice number and date.
  • Company Name and address.
  • Client name and address.
  • Cleaning service which is rendered.
  • Total Amount of the service availed.
  • Amount including taxes.
  • Service Person Signatures.