Free Consulting Invoice Template for Companies and Individuals in MS Excel

The most basic function of the consulting invoice is to acknowledge the work done by a consultant for its client. Consultants are reliable personnel who provide crucial help in times of emergencies. The consulting invoice is given by the consultants, which shows details of the services they have offered to a specific individual or a company.  

This shows the amount of work, time spent, the quality of work, and other basic details regarding a service that the consultant has offered to a particular party.

For people who are looking towards establishing a new consultancy firm with all the professional tools and billing methods, then this consulting invoice template created using Microsoft Excel can be a tremendous help. If you’re already running a consulting company or about to start a small business or a consultancy firm, then use this unique template to enhance your business transactions.

It helps you create highly creative and professional consultancy invoicing methods to improving your business image in the eyes of your clients.

This consultancy invoice template has all the latest features which you require in creating a professional invoice. Through this amazing tool, you can be able to keep track of your dates, invoice numbers, the details on your services, total time spent, how much you’re charging for a specific service for clients, the paying methods for the company, the timeline for payments, valuable information regarding your clients, their addresses, phone numbers, and many other important details.

Preview & Download

It is free to use a template. So, download it and start updating your business details in a most splendid way. Below is a screenshot and download link to download this template.