Free Business Invoice with Net 30 Days Payment Terms in MS Excel

Business invoice is a commonly used business document in organizations. It is a specific document that is sent to the buyer by the seller and states the amount and cost of the products and services purchased or provided to him. It clearly indicates the amount that has to be paid to the buyer as per the payment terms and conditions of the seller. The business invoice mostly also contains a specific period of time for the payment to be made by the buyer. Just like this template is created based on Net 30 days payment terms.

A basic form of the business invoice is used in almost all types of business entities. Whether a company is big or small, it is involved in the sales or purchase of many different forms of items and services. These are documented and recorded through receipts as well as invoices of different types. The business invoice template is used by various departments and functions of the organizations. It is also used as proof of purchase for a specific item or service.

A commonly used invoice template may contain information like a reference or serial invoice number, date of delivery of the product or service, the contact information of buyer and seller, terms and mode of payment, amount of payment, price of product or service, date of invoice, name of buyer and seller and much more.

This business invoice template is a very useful document created in MS Excel that can be used by various businesses, departments, and functions in an organization. You can view the screenshot of this template by scrolling this page down.