MS Excel Invoice Template for Advertising Agency/Company

Advertising agencies are chiefly responsible for formulating marketing plans for different companies, businesses, and their related products and services. Businesses usually hire an outside ad agency to increase their marketing and advertising activities in order to enhance their business image in the eyes of their customers.

Once the ad agency completes its services, it sends an invoice to the clients, which is most commonly known as the advertising agency invoice. Generally, the invoice is sent in the form of a single paper, but if there are multiple services availed, then the invoice can further extend to 3 or even 5 pages, as required.

An advertising agency invoice template is a highly beneficial tool for agencies that specialize in marketing activists for their clients. It helps them determine the payments which a client owes them, keeps them aware of their services that have been successfully delivered to a client, various service-related transactions between the company and its clients, and many other crucial details.

This ad agency template created in Excel is a great tool for businesses through which they can organize various details such as invoice numbers, reference numbers, payment information, terms and conditions for a particular activity, names and addresses of the clients, dates, and deadlines, payments due, payment methods as chosen by the company, time period during which a payment is to be made and much more.

The template is free and can be used effectively by all kinds of businesses and ad agencies in their daily advertising needs. Scroll down to see the preview image of this template along with the Download link.

Invoice Template for Advertising Agency/Company